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Traditional Vinyl Siding & Insulated Vinyl Siding

Traditional vinyl siding comes in multiple forms from standard plank to dutch lap or many other various forms as in scalloped or vertical siding. With this type of siding it requires an extra layer of insulation to be put underneath. It is more susceptible to the heat and cold with flexing and bowing. It will have an air gap between the siding and insulation allowing for bugs to nest and live. Also giving a cupped look to the siding panel. Traditional vinyl siding is the more economical way to go.

Insulated vinyl siding comes in most of the traditional forms. The main difference that insulated panels are just that insulated. The insulation is attached to the back of the panels during the manufacturing process. Leaving no air gaps between the panel and insulation. With that they don't require insulation to be put on the home before installed. Insulated panels are much less susceptible to the heat and cold with much less bowing and flexing than traditional panels. Giving them superior performance and appearance without the "cupping" look of traditional.


  • Double 4" Clapboard
  • Double 6" Clapboard
  • Single 7" Clapboard
  • Single 12" Board & Batten
  • Double 4 1/2" Dutchlap


We offer a wide variety of siding, all in an array of colors that will create the picture perfect look you want.

  • Frontier Blend
  • Timber Blend
  • Autumn Red
  • Sable Brown
  • Suede
  • Spruce
  • Pacific Blue
  • Flagstone
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Granite Gray
  • Sterling Gray
  • Oxford Blue
  • Cyprus
  • Sandstone Beige
  • Desert Tan
  • Natural Clay
  • Savannah Wicker
  • Light Maple
  • Buckskin
  • Sandpiper
  • Heritage Cream
  • Snow
  • Colonial White